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Ronnie Scott's - Jewel of London's West End

One jewel of London’s West End district is the famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club at 47 Frith Street. From its humble beginnings in a hole in the wall basement bar a short distance away, Ronnie Scott’s is now a name synonymous with British jazz worldwide, and surely a highlight of any trip to London for both jazz aficionados and casual passersby.

The History of Hyde Park

Nestled within the heart of London, Hyde Park offers a welcome respite to both city-dwellers and tourists alike. Visit the calm, open and green space to catch your breath, and see the beauty of nature within the bustling metropolis. A stone’s throw from many major attractions, the park is easily accessible on the Underground and is right on your doorstep if you choose our SO Paddington Hotel, where comfort and elegance meet. Today, Hyde Park is a popular meeting point for friends and families, often playing host to great concerts and events, it has become a much-loved green space within the city. Visit Hyde Park and immerse yourself in one of London’s greatest treasures.

Leicester Square- London's Mecca of filns

Once you’ve settled in at one of SO Hotel & Resorts premium London hotels, it’s time to strike out and see what this incredible city has to give. The first port of call for any self-respecting traveller when they arrive in London is the West End. And with good reason. London’s thriving West End encompasses many of the city’s most cherished districts, including Soho, Covent Garden, Chinatown, Mayfair and Marylebone, and through the years has been home to hundreds of Britains’s best artists, writers and poets.

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